Mauricio Maduro Morales

Project Manager in Caracas, Venezuela

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BlindaServic: A leading international armor company

Headquartered in Colombia and Venezuela, Armor Internacional is a highly recognized automotive armor company in the continent.

It was founded in 2001 and since then it has gained prestige within its branch thanks to diverse recognitions granted by national and international organisms for having helped to save dozens of lives during attacks.

BlindaServic has its main production headquarters in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, in an ample space of 11 thousand square meters endowed with machinery of the highest technology. Its broad growth as a leading company in the armor market has made it expand with distributors throughout the Americas.

During 16 years of experience BlindaServic has gained global recognition thanks to the dedication and dedication of its fleet of workers, as well as its constant modernization in sophisticated machinery to make their finished products the best in the market.

BlindaServic has a high number of orders annually for the armoring of cars and vans for commercial and family use, as well as the armoring of airplanes, helicopters, trains, buildings, boats, vests and space projects for multinational companies and public institutions.

Its CEO Mauricio Maduro tells us that BlindaServic currently continues to expand in Latin America, according to a report published on April 11, 2016 by the magazine La República on the panorama of armor in Venezuela, armored vehicles represent only 0.11% Of the total number of cars registered in Sumat

Therefore, Blinda Servic works every day to meet the growing demand for vehicle armor and welcomes the growth of this industry in Latin America. The strict quality controls BlindaServic comply with international standards and is always in constant research and development of new products for its customers.

BlindaServic is certified by ISO 9001-2008 which guarantees excellence in each process for a better quality in the final product.



Caracas, Miranda 1000 - 1090, 1209 Venezuela


+58 212-9931921