Mauritania Attacker

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Mauritanie

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Mauritania Attacker is from Mauritania a poor country based in North-Africa.

He is the leader, founder of the AnonGhost Team, Teamr00t, and The Mauritania Hacker Team.

He is a former member of TeaMp0isoN and ZHC Hacking Group.

He is also known for defacing and

and his special attack was on the official domain name of

Read More:!dns-attacks

Mauritania Attacker Started hacking since 2003 when he was only 13 years old.

He is fan of Symlink vulnerabilities and is capable to be independent from software development.

He said that he is not a member of the Anonymous collective and he still believes that Lulzec and Anonymous groups are ideologies created by the CIA.

According to the FBI ALERT: , #OPUSA was officially announced and organized by “Mauritania Attacker”,

who launched #OPISRAEL:

Also #OpPetrol:

Also #OpFrance:

On February 21, 2012 Mauritania Attacker performed a huge attack on Israel by Hacking 150000 Israeli Emails.

On March 15, 2012 he hacked the Israeli Microsoft and leaked over 4000 Accounts.

Also the US Military Emails:

Also the Central Bank of Israel

After all these Attacks , He Hacked Twitter and leaked over 15000 accounts.

He was interviewed by the Reuters anonymously and he said that there is no Islam without shariaa.

He also gave fund charities with stolen Israeli credit cards to Palestinian Charity Organizations.


He is best in his work and he can do these attacks with a