Maurits"ZEN" Cornelis

[email protected]茶箱 PLAYLIST】
01.One Minute/池田亮司
02.Etude Aux Chemins De Fer/Pierre Schaeffer
03.18人の音楽家のための音楽/Steve Reich
05.Stigmata Ⅰ/Tim Hecker
06.Concret PH/Iannis Xenakis
07.Figure in Movement/今井慎太郎
08.Amps, Drugs, Harmonium/Tim Hecker
09.Six Marimbas/Steve Reich
10.Sequenza XIII for accordion/Luciano Berio
11.Scotoma/Sketch Show
12.Pop Hd/Atom TM
13.White Car/Atom TM
14.Memoire/Erosion(1976)/Tristan Murail
15.90% Of My Mind Is With You/Prefuse 73
16.Computer Machine/Deep Forest
18.C1/Carsten Nicolai
19.Butterfly Caught/Massive Attack
20.The Eyes Of Truth/Enigma