Maurizio Viel

Dr. Maurizio Viel is a Cosmetic Surgeon who received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Milan in Italy, where he was certified as a specialist in maxillofacial surgery. After completing an aesthetic plastic surgery fellowship in London, Dr. Viel opened the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery along with his twin brother, also a cosmetic surgeon. The two brothers were among the first to introduce VASER liposuction, as well as new plenoplasty procedures to Europe and the Middle East. After running the London location for 20 years, Dr. Maurizio Viel opened a new location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), which he now manages. At the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf in Dubai, Dr. Maurizio Viel offers a number of services. Dr. Viel provides numerous non-invasive surgeries, such as BOTOX, which can reduce unsightly facial lines, and fillers, which can fill in creases and create a more youthful appearance. LCAS also offers invasive surgeries, such as breast procedures, like breast uplifts, breast reduction, and breast augmentation. Clients can receive ear and eye surgery, as well as rhinoplasty, which reshapes the nose in a number of ways. Dr. Maurizio Viel also performs abdominoplasty, circumcisions, penoplasty, facelifts, peels, and ActiStem. The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery has appeared in the media many times, being featured in magazines like Image, Vogue, Time Out, and Hello! Dr. Maurizio Viel and his firm have also received coverage in various television show stations, including BBC, CNN, London Today, Sky News, and Discovery Health. Dr. Maurizio Viel and his brother also co-wrote The Viels’ Beauty Bible, a book that provides insights on plastic surgery and incorporates it into an exercise, diet, make-up, and grooming lifestyle. The book has since sold out. Dr. Maurizio Viel maintains memberships with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, and the International Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. He is licensed to practice in Dubai, Italy, Ireland, and Great Britain.