Mauro Ferraresi

Hello, I am a Freelance designer / art director with extensive experience in graphic design services and advertising campaigns now placed in London. I am graduate of the International School of Venice, i begin my professional career in Verona and then i moved to San Paolo, Brasil, where i had an internship with DM9, a multi-awarded agency of the DDB group.
In 2013 i returned to Rome, where i worked with Link (Ideas to Believe) for 3 years. Subsequently I became part of the Klein Russo Creative Community. Moreover I collaborate with TED as creative team.I am also partner of a start up called Artichalk based in Milan as digital designer.
I am currently collaborate with Globnow as branding manager in London as freelance also for well-known company as Channel5, Herbalife, Oliver Marketing, Ogilvy & Mother.

I am Co founder of Artichalk, a nutrition planning platform that helps you to eat healthy, and to plan your meals according to the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.