Mauro Fogli


Welcome to my website, my name is Mauro Fogli and I am a music composer, instrumental, dark, alternative.

I am a very simple person, sometimes also complicated, but when I create my music, simply I play live while my computers record, after I put online on my website What inspire me are mainly the synths's sounds, ensamble of pads, brass, strings and I use also a lot piano sounds, but of course I have my muses. In this website you will find my music and an interview with information about me, how to contact me and my vision of life.

I compose instrumental music, I have named all my songs "soundtrack" with a progressive number. every year I add further songs into my website. I think my goal is someday to compose a song so wonderful, that nobody will ever forget about me.

I think that the target of our generation is find the gene or the mechanism that cause the age progress and stop or reverse it ( see for example the research of University of Berkeley about the Sirt3 ), to extend our life forever. I'm a musician and I can only play my synth. But all the Presidents of the nations of the World can and must do more assigning resources to this kind of research to find the meds that can reverse aging-associated degeneration. This is not against the religions, because I think that if God exist and have give us life, I imagine he want we take care of it.

I was born on April 18, 1967, I live in my parent's house. I work as accountant with my father. I have start play music in year '80. during these first years I have play music discontinuosly the bass guitar in a band of friends, but I prefere the synths and the fantastic sound I can create with that instruments, so starting year 2000 I have begin made new composition happy to can have an exposure using internet.

Do you play live?

I play my synth while my computer record, after I put on line on my website, Sometimes I add a second track to the same songs and I reverse the tracks to obtein strange sounds (also Beethoven used to play reversed songs).

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

I consider usefull internet and mp3 for store my thought, my music, in a space where maybe will rest forever.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

I dont know, it depends from the contract.

Would you like to work for a major artist as creative ?

Yes !!!

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