Mauro Foti


Hi, my name is Mauro and I was born in Catania, one of the largest cities of Italy and the second in Sicily.

Since middle school I was IT addicted, and I replaced my Commodore 64 with an IBM 386 DX-33, since then I started to develop. Soon I discovered the GNU / Linux world and I became its supporter, thanks to ability to change all the software on my PC and have complete control, I've been able to know in detail the architecture of a computer system and improve my knowledge of C language.

At fourteen years or so, in the first year of studies at the High School "Galileo Galilei" of Catania discovered the amazing world of Internet. In the 90s there was a spread of broadband connections and at the end of this period almost all of my classmates had a connection at home. For this reason I began to develop my first web site, that became the main way of dissemination and exchange documents of the entire school. Quickly I learned to develop systems LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP).

The college years gave me the opportunity to meet and explore the techniques studied by myself and make friends who I still keep. In the same years I started up the project "TeckHouse!" a company that propose itself as group of freelancers, where according to the needing of a given customer are involved the right figures selected from the best in Italy and abroad.

Currently I work on PHP development at MTV Networks.

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