Mauro Libi Crestani

Chief Executive Officer in Venezuela

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Mauro Libi Crestani is a Chief Executive Officer currently living in Venezuela. He is the owner of the food distribution company Avenas Inproceca.

Libi has also invested in a number of other companies in Venezuela as well as in other countries. He is an owner or major shareholder in over 30 companies across three continents. The Financial Times once described Libi in 2017 as a “self-described visionary who has built a remarkable business empire over the past two decades.” His success is an interesting story considering where I’ve come from (Venezuela) which is a country that’s better known for its shortages of basic goods right now, not to mention "obscure business dealings and revolutionary confrontation rather than wealth creation”, as the article about me on Wikipedia states it.

As the CEO, it is his job to make sure that we get the best products to our consumers. I work every day to make sure this vision becomes a reality.

Mauro Libi Crestani was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His father inspired him to study entrepreneurship. When he was 16, he moved to Italy to study management. When he returned to Venezuela, he started his business career in his father’s food business. In the early 2000s, Mauro Libi Crestani officially became an entrepreneur.

Philanthropy is a top priority in Libi's life. In 2008 he created the Casa Hogar Foundation to help street kids. The foundation puts the kids through school, gives them medical care when needed, and provides a place to live.

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