Mauro Luzietti

Project Manager, Online Marketer, and Consultant in İstanbul, Turkey

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I love to inspire people.

"Never stop learning", this is my motto. Every day I add something new, the subject doesn't matter: self improvement, general culture, things about work, you name it.

Emphatic, curious and passionate of Technology: it's not a coincidence I have a master degree in Computer Science :)

I am Italian, I worked hard in big projects related to Software production worldwide and I was damn good there, they said.

Since life is unpredictable, here I am living in a foreign country where many things are messed up. Why I came to Turkey ? Well, this is a long (and crazy) story, one day I'll tell you.

After teletransporting here I rolled up my sleeves and learnt Online Marketing and Sales skills.

In Turkey everything is young: people, their attitude and their professionalism (developing country, uh).

Half glass empty: lot of problems everywhere. Half glass full: a lot of opportunities, if you can deal with the other half of the glass. :)

Soon some news about my volunteering projects, stay tuned !

Love you all


  • Education
    • Sapienza University of Rome