Maury Rogow

Maury Rogow

Maury founded RipMedia Group in 2007...

...with 20 years of successful experience in sales, marketing and business development. He began his career in the AT&T corporate development program, then with Lucent Technologies he dramatically increased market share for multimedia services, and software through innovative sales campaigns.

He was recognized in the top 1% of Lucent's global sales force, and was awarded a coveted "Council of Leaders" title. Maury later joined a start up, which tripled its revenue and was successfully sold to Cisco Systems for over $1 Billion. As Global Client Manager for Avaya his efforts earned him the "Leadership Award in Global Sales and Marketing" for generating millions in new revenue streams.

He started Rip Media Group to produce marketing media, and help others achieve success in business.

Maury is Executive Producer of Bedrooms, as seen on Showtime, Consulting Producer at CIMA Productions, New Media Producer at Cabin 14 Productions, Co-producer of SNAP, and producer of hundreds of hours of branded commercial productions. Maury received his BA from West Virginia University and an Executive MBA Certification in Global Technology from Tufts University.

He has written the Sales Force, and supplemental workbooks, soon to be available to business owners, and heads of marketing and sales, via Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Being from Pittsburgh, he is a fan of the Steelers. He works with non-profit organizations and fund raises for various charitable organizations.