Chiedza Ruth Mavangira

Santa Monica CA

Chiedza Ruth Mavangira

Santa Monica CA

Born & Raised in Zimbabwe my life is an eye opening adventure of traveling half way across the world ... and a vivid collage of the fascinating people whom I have met, a constellation of unlikely experiences, a cultural labyrinth and above all, a process through which I found my voice as a writer, in the simple realization that it's liberating to be different and it is lucky to have a fresh perception of life's old cliches

It's Liberating to be different & it's Lucky to have a fresh point of view to life's old cliches!

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Chiedza Mavangira was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe in 1979. She is the mother of her 15 year old Russian/Zimbabwean son Ivanovich Mavangira.

Chiedza has an extensive background in Fashion, Beauty & Entertainment. She freelances as a celebrity red carpet host and writes for different publications and a blog.

She is feeling called to ministry by God in the arenas of writing & filmmaking.

She is the Author of the Faith Autobiography "Born Without Borders" to be published shortly and has the vision to work on a Documentary project celebrating the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Women of Faith all over the world starting with Africa.

In her spare time she works on her brainchild Vuduvintagevoice which handles multimedia and all things PR for talented African women with any creative works which need promoting to the global market.

Ivano plays video games, guitar and swims.

Together they live in Newport Beach OC & belong to Saddleback church.

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