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How big do you want it? The Perfect Machines

In the case of a dildo or vibrator size does matter, and this will depend on the tastes or the situation of each female. For example one of my readers is a college girl who still lives with her parents, so she has a vibrating bullet, which is very discreet because it looks like a lipstick. We have another friend who travels a lot because of her work and her vibrating egg goes unnoticed when they check her suitcase at the airports, (Well, at least she thinks so) and there is another friend who feels happy with her XXL vibrator, which shines in the dark and makes spaceship sounds.

Did you know that they come in different materials?

In case you suffer from any allergy, it is important that before buying any toy you check the type of material and also the hygiene issue, as there are some devices that due to their composition are prone to the accumulation of bacteria. The most common materials are silicone, latex, jelly and elastomers, there are even some made in glass or ceramic. One way to get rid of doubts is to ask if they are hypo allergenic, or if they are resistant to heat and water so that you can wash them with a little hot water and a neutral soap after using them. The perfect fucking machines they will be.

What is your budget?

There are for all pockets, in the market you can find from the typical dildo in its most basic version, to the latest technology (literally!) As the vibrator that rushes you after having given you a mixed orgasm (Sarcasm). Our recommendation is that if you are going to start, buy a product of good quality, it does not necessarily have to be the most expensive but at least it will last a long time.

Where to buy it?

You have to get rid of that idea that sex shops are dreadful dens, or creepy places, personally we know places that have a very cute and even tasteful decoration. Some who sell a variety of objects such as a supermarket of delight; others instead can specialize in some particular practice such as BDSM. If you are not prejudiced, it would be ideal if you were to live and choose the toy, but if you feel sorry or do not have time to go out and buy it, you can search it online in an online store that guarantees discretion and in whose catalogue they appear all the characteristics of the product for you to evaluate. For more information visit