Maverick Foo

Kuala Lumpur

Wassup?!?! I'm Maverick, and due to my constant "itchy-backside", I do a few things. (some better than others)

By day, I'm a Talent Development Consultant at Plaseed, and also runs workshops and conferences.

By night, I'm the co-founder of KICKSTART.MY - the KICKASS Entrepreneur Tribe, which is something I'm super passionate about.

By weekends, I'm pretty much a dad to my boy Will, building Lego blocks and clearing Angry Bird stages for him.

An ex-monk who goes by the name of Wimalasiri (please get your 'r' right), I love to ask 'why not?' (which drives my mom nuts). Often running against the incoming crowd (only to sometimes find the fire/chaos they were running from…), I like rejecting tradition and "the way things are done", and pretty much is happy to be right 50% of the time (because mom wins on the others).

I love to create platforms to connect people (mainly because I suck at networking at other people's events…), and my strengths are in marketing through ground events.

When it comes to business, give me a million bucks and people would say I'll drive home an Audi R8 with a new set of gadgets, and a FULLY loaded Starbucks card. Give me little or no money but a good idea, and the little matter between my ears will work magic. Challenge ACCEPTED!

So drop me a line, come meet me at one of my events, and I would love to get to know you, and your business more. Till then, keep life awesome for me, yeah?

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