Alicin Christensen

Salt Lake City

Alicin Christensen is an American mom who unapologetically accepts entrepreneurship as being part of her DNA.

She is the founder of

Since 1999, Alicin has worked from home both as an Entrepreneur and as Director of Business Development for a multi-million dollar stock & options education company.

Between 2008-2011 she had two little girls. The challenge and seeming chaos of kids and business under one roof forced “meta-learning” and productivity skills that have revolutionized how she works.

Alicin’s insatiable appetite for marketing keeps her up at night. ”I see marketing in everything, sometimes it a curse –” she admits, “hold up any form of media and I’ll deconstruct it, in painstaking detail.”

A self-described contrarian, she thrill-seeks challenging the status quo, making “connections” between concepts, savoring the exceptions to the rule.

At times provocative, Alicin’s insights are fueled by her fascination with the bleeding edge of business trends and marketing as it relates to (and largely dependent upon) new media and technology.

Her entrepreneurial endeavors have been featured in The New York Times and People Magazine.