Mavis Jones

I have a doctorate in Politics and have worked in academia, policy, and not-for-profit environments. Mostly I'm interested in how scientific evidence intersects with how people in general understand science, especially around policy. I've worked on studies of 'wicked issues' like human genetics, xenotransplantation, nuclear power, reproductive technologies, biofuels and climate change.

I travel for quirky European architecture (e.g. Portmeirion, Wales), street art and odd mixes of experience. Best: a flashlight visit to the catacombs in Prague's Vyšehrad district where the original statues from the Charles Bridge live; the Third Man tour of Vienna, ending in a zither serenade at a pub; the unlikely italianate village in Portmeirion, Wales; tracking M. Chat throughout Norwich when I lived there; camping on a beach in New Brunswick with fresh mussels for dinner; walking around Helsinki listening to a playlist I made for the occasion; learning about my family roots in northern Slovakia; and Barcelona (period).

I play the ukulele (not well), used to play piano (well), and knit (on hiatus).