Mavis Nduchwa

Entrepreneur and Founder in Botswana

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I am the Founder and CEO of Kalahari Honey a honey aggregator from Botswana whose mission is to build sustainable communities using bees, founded in 2015 the company uses beekeeping as a tool to mitigate human and wildlife conflict by training and supplying rural farmers with beehives. Kalahari Honey creates jobs for more than 500 families and counting. Former BBC Food Chain 2019 Judge, UN SDG We Empower Awardee 2020, 2020 African Business Hero

1. Woman Owned Business Of the Year 2019 Botswana (Grant Thornton),

2. Most Outstanding African Entrepreneur Award 2018(Tony Elumelu Foundation).

3. Botswana Innovation Award 2019 (Desert Honey Wine)

4. 2016 Top 4 Promising African Startups (CNN)

5. Tony Elumelu Foundation 2015

6. Pride Mark User of the Year 2019 (Ministry of Trade Botswana) Global Expo Winner 2019

7. UN Women & Youth representative (2017)

8. Top 100 Most Meaningful Businesses SDGs 2019

9. Young African Leaders Initiative (Barack Obama) 2016

Prior to transitioning to agriculture, I worked in various safari camps sector including the world-renowned award winning Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta Botswana. With over 15 years’ experience in conservation, hospitality industry and agriculture, my focus is now on “organic symbiosis”

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