Adams Vogel

A quick history of the audio book In 1920 the Royal National Institute for the Blind in England was allready doing research on how to create mp3 audiobooks for the blind. At that time there have been a lot of ex World War 1 soldiers who had gone blind consequently of the fighting. In 1926 the RNIB started initially to use LPs to record audiobooks that could be performed on record players (the kind with the large horn, you'd to move a handel a few times befor it'd play). In 1936 the Talking Book Service was launched.The first two publications were:The murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie and Joseph Conrads Thyphoon. The records used during the time might keep 25 minutes of verbal tekst, so that they required about 10 records for an average audio book. In 1940 the studio used by the RNIB was bombed, and 30 days later an alternative studio was bombed as wel.The RNIB wanted to start publishing audio books again, nevertheless they needed certain resources which have been destroyed. In America, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), had started creating audio books as wel, and they did send their English counterparts to be helped by the much needed parts. Unfortunately the cargo got lost during a bombing raid of the London harbour! It was however made by a second shipment, and the RNIB surely could start again with the production of mp3 audiobooks. In the sixties the audiobooks started initially to appear on casettes, and later, after the infention of the compact disc player, on CDs. In these times the have become more are common then actually befor, in spite of what their age is. Learn more on this related website by clicking your mavis beacon. Among the major causes for his or her ever growing popularity is the proven fact that mp3 audiobooks can be downloaded directly on the internet. There are certainly a good few audio book writers who provide this service, and it looks like their onto a success. Mp3 audiobooks, more then 70 years of age and still gowing strong..