Marcus Wimby

Student in Belton, Texas

Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a student living in Belton, Texas. Business management major from New Orleans Louisiana. I've been here at UMHB going on 5 years now. I played on the football team the last 4 years and had a great time. I am the oldest of 3 boys and have a passion for helping others. God is leading me on a path I'm not sure where but I can feel his works through me. I will be graduating in the spring and I am super excited about it! After college I plan on opening up my own business and impacting lives through that business! It is going to go global and impact the lives of many. Remember this post because I am going to make it happen. I take pride in everything I do and pour my heart into everything I am a very passionate person. I am a very energetic and happy person.