Ivan Pena

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Max International was founded by dedicated and successful entrepreneurs and executives who had a vision of helping people everywhere experience the benefits of improved glutathione production.

Beginning with MaxGXL® and now extending to MaxOne™, MaxATP™ and Cellgevity™, Max's products represent breakthrough science and life-changing benefits. And, because our founders knew the best way to help people get the benefits of breakthrough products was through Network Marketing,

Max also represents a chance for people to change their lives financially. The opportunity we offer goes beyond dollars and cents-it's about freedom, and helping you achieve what matters most to you.

As a company, we are governed by the Max Code, a set of principles that guides our decision-making and strategy. We seek to be an "A" Company, where making a positive difference for individuals and society are our primary reasons for existing.

Our goal is to help people discover their unique path and empower them to turn their dreams into reality.