Max Holder

Flooring Specialist in New Haven, CT

Hello world! My name is Max and I currently work for a Multi-Billion dollar company designing doors and windows. I'm a personal fan of computers and the games associated with them, most currently Bioshock: Infinite. I am attracted to the beauty of nature and how innocent yet powerful it is. How one moment a breeze can pass your lips like a gentle kiss and the next cause acres of havoc within the same breath, just fascinating. I enjoy animals and watching them in their natural habitat. How they move, hunt, eat and process new information can teach you a lot about many facets of life. With many scientific exploits under my belt from making a potato launcher to using Liquid nitrogen on any inanimate object I could find, I seem to have an ever growing curiosity about the way things work that I completely blame on Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Cars are definitely a new found passion of mine. I want to learn all the intricasies that goes into creating the machines we use today. From high end Ferrari's(My favorite car) to the more subtle and homely Camry's. I believe just learning new things keeps me alive day to day.

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