Max Nissley

Indiana, moving to Arizona

Update I just had a positive response from the E.P.A., and the Dept. of the Interior, they think I have a good Idea, and look forward to talking with me in 2014!

I also set up a new funding page please help :)

I have a project that I am trying to develop, that shows that we can save the environment, create jobs, create new business, and make money too, Really? I say yes. I wrote a report that includes all my ideas, and it can be found on my website

I need funding, on my website you can buy the report, or donate. Each report, or donation, helps plant a tree. Just one step in the plan.

Are you aware that one healty tree, in one year, can remove the amount of carbon that one human contributes in a lifetime? That and produce life giving, atmosphere saving ozone.

I am enrolled to get my B.S. in Environmental Sciences, and am getting great grades.

I give my remaining life devoted to this. Re: the caption " The needs of the many outweight he needs of the one."

It is not about me trying to get rich, it is about making the world better for all mankind, and helping our future generations live in a world where they would not have to wear space suits just to breath, and protect them from the heat.

  • Work
    • General Labor until my project gets underway.
  • Education
    • Obtaiang B.S. in Environmental Sciences, possibly Masters.