Max Parr

Max Parr is a filmmaker currently studying Film & Television Production at New York University, but originally hailing from The Great White North.

As a child raised in the 90's, his parents understood the importance of the media. Like any parents of the time, snotty adolescent babysitters were replaced with a modern day wonder – cable.

Though he may have spontaneous, uncontrollable bleeding from his left eye caused by prolonged exposure to bright lights from time to time, Max has a keen eye for aesthetics, style, and, of course, story.

Max has presented his work at over a dozen film festivals and garnered over half-a-dozen major awards. Festivals include Toronto International Film Festival's Sprockets, Tulsa International Film Festival, Toronto Student Film Festival and a variety of other festivals that start with T.

If you enjoy humour (subjective), thrills (subjective), and bodily substances (you can't not) you should stuff yourself at Mandarin then ride a Gravitron with Krampus; OR you should watch my films and support what I do.