Max Tack


I'm a teacher of Chinese Martial Arts and Healing Arts. My greatest passion is to help people empower themselves, to stand strong in the many mental battles and emotional challenges they encounter.

The 5 elements are one of my fields of expertise. And we all have those elements in us! I personally have a lot of Wood energy, which makes me a pioneer. And Earth energy, which tells you I am a seeker for harmony. And then my Fire energy: the Magician, always on the lookout for the magic of life!

I'm a musician. Play many instruments, was a bass player for many years. I don't just play regular instruments but also gong, singing bowls, native american flute and many others, which helps people to relax and makes their energy flow like never before.

  • Work
    • Max Tack Tai Chi
  • Education
    • Christelijk College Nassau Veluwe
    • School voor de Journalistiek Utrecht