Max Camiro

Tengo pies para volar. Who am I? What do I do? I am me. Trying to be myself the best way I can. Sometimes I fly. I think we all can do it. I would love to fly away everyday, and keep flying away forever...dreaming, thinking, walking... I want to teach them to be themselves. To fly away from fear. Fly away from this prision called world/school/job/tradition, and really educate. I want to teach each person to fly with uniqueness. Each genius history character was not a genius, they just knew how to reach the sky and think different. Live/Like/Love/Share/Be. I wish there was a way to say it in a single word... maybe one day I will reach that word in the stars, contemplating the universe... "Los pájaros nacidos en jaula creen que volar es una enfermedad" -Jodorowsky