Max Karg

I am currently a junior in high school. I have one sister, and though we're not close in age (11.5 years difference) we have been quite pivotal points in eachothers' lives. This led me to be relatively independent, however, I could always count on a helping hand or good advice from either of my two parents or my sister. I have always performed exceptionally well in school, and part way through my fifth grade year I skipped a grade. Right now I’m enrolled in as many rigorous courses (advanced placement, dual-credit, and honors) as my schedule allows. I hope to study something in the field of business, marketing, or management after I graduate, however, I’m currently undecided as to where I’d like to pursue a degree. Because I am constantly surrounded by older people than myself, I have found that I tend to be more mentally mature than many others of my same age.

My hobbies include photography and travel. I love nature, and feel that it’s one of life's more simple pleasures. By the time I was fourteen I had visited six different countries, and in November of 2014 I hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany for three weeks. I enjoy feeling well-informed and self-reliant, and I believe that travel helps me achieve both through adventure and personal experience. On a more day-to-day basis, I participate in three sports (tennis, swimming, and track) and try to do multiple hours of volunteer work per week. I feel that my life is something I should not waste, and always like to keep busy and accomplish new things as often as life allows.

I have always had the desire to express myself in the world of business. I’m very intrinsically motivated, which I have found helps tremendously in my budding professional life. In the past I have done everything from selling fruit that I picked at the local farmer's market, to auctioning used items purchased at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores on eBay, and even used car and motorcycle sales! I consider myself fairly inventive, and am always open to learning new things and testing new ideas or methods. I keep myself quite organized and have very high expectations for myself, which translates into my providing the best quality for any and every job I take on.