Max Materne

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I don't like talking about where I've worked or what I've accomplished in the past. I like talking about what I enjoy doing and what I'm good at (probably the same as every other human being).

I like working on ideas. I like thinking of ideas and I like working on other people's ideas. And I'm good at it. But I LOVE small teams in good environments (both architecturally and psychologically) working on ideas. Who doesn't like encountering a group of people they get along with and then getting to work with them on a daily basis? I think I could do almost any job in the world if I loved where I worked. That's why I pick my opportunities carefully, and when I catch a hold of one I particularly love my work feels more like a favour for a friend. This is where I find my "zone". Where I become uber-productive and intensely focused. I am always on the lookout for these opportunities. If you have an opening like this, give me a shout! If you don't but want to chat anyway, do it.

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