Max Pan

Russia, Moscow

I not that who was born the genius. I have no abilities to something. I simply person. The main my part it the one whom I was brought up by parents. Each time I remember vital lessons which parents gave me, and I try to adhere to them. But over the years it is more difficult to do everything. Whatever one may do, and life forces you to gain character.

I am for some reason sure that I will achieve bigger than any of my family or acquaintances. I don't know why, but I trust that I will be able to become that who doesn't need anything. Probably I am simply too self-confident...

I don't believe in God, I believe in the person. I consider that all events are merits of the person. Why I don't believe in God? I believed in God, once. But when it was necessary to me most of all when I cried from that that I can't help anything to the suffering person close to me when I on a lap asked god though somehow to help me... It didn't come, didn't help, didn't show that I not for nothing prayed to it so many years. Since then I believe only in the person.

I made too many mistakes for my short life. The only thing that I can, it to dream. To dream of what never to occur.

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