Max Kantzer

As the CEO of Transmodal Corporation, Max Kantzer directs operations for the international logistics firm, which specializes in ocean freight, air freight, supply chain management, customs clearance, and warehousing and distribution. Max Kantzer has spent time traveling to all the world’s hubs of commerce, highlighted by over 50 trips to China, gleaning firsthand insight into logistics. His proficiency in this regard earned him a spot in World Trade Magazine’s Fabulous Fifty Plus One list of world trade leaders. Max Kantzer now focuses his efforts on various methods to streamline imports, such as Import Direct,. As a respected leader in logistics and supply chain management, Mr. Kantzer contributes to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, the Marco Polo Line Forwarding Association, and the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America, Inc. In addition to his work with Transmodal Corporation, Max Kantzer has sat on the boards of directors for numerous enterprises, including a restaurant management company, a trucking firm, a distributor of kitchen and bath products, and a European logistics provider. Max Kantzer originally came to Transmodal Corporation as the Vice President of International Business Development, spending five years in marketing, sales, and agency development before receiving his promotion. Prior to entering the workforce, Mr. Kantzer studied international relations at three institutions: New York University, Northeastern University, and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Away from his work, Max Kantzer enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He takes part in several hobbies, as well, including cooking, reading, writing, martial arts, golfing, and traveling.