max Añorve

Student in Colima, México

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to the world!!. hello i´m Max Añorve , i´m from México, i have 16 years old. i live in my department with my family, (my dad, my mom, two dog´s and me), i like the videogames specially the first person shooter and role play games, other hobby it´s the martial arts, like kung-fu and Tae kwoon do. but i don´t like 3 things in this life. and thereis the football, clean my house and tennis. beacause i´m so bad in that. i usually i put my butt on the floor and then i learn idioms in a app from my cellphone and of course the English, usually i do many things like. play with my LEGO´S, do homework, go out with my dogs, watch youtube and twitch and finally clean my clothes and my room. actually i´m studying the highschool. and that´s all. thanks