Max Casa

Martial Arts Instructor, Personal Trainer, and MMA Fighter in Wakefield, Massachusetts

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Hello, I’m Max. I’m a Martial Arts Instructor at Defensive Edge Martial Arts living in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Ive been doing martial arts since the age of four and love nothing more than working out and helping others achieve their goals. I've done everything I've set my mind too so far, earning two black belts, a spot in the cage for an amature MMA fight, having four years of instructing under my belt before the age of 19 and much more. I'm approaching my prime and looking for some sponsors, to help me breakout into the superstar I am. This is my time to focus on achieving my goals. I have a lot of big plans for us! I just need some funding, so let's help eachother out! You can view my portfolio with a click on the button above.

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