My name is Max, I'm a girl, and I am 13 years old at the moment

This account was created for personal use, which is why I dont accept 90% of the follow requests i recieve, if i dont accept you please dont take it personally

I am kind of infamous on here because ive started copious amounts discourse with a good number of people, either alone or with my friends

if you are not interested in drama, fighting, or me being a generaly rude person, you probably shoudnt follow

if you are mutuals with my friends i will automatically let you follow if you dm me and tell me which mutuals we share

if you dislike the people i dislike ill most likely let you follow too, though i am careful about this

i enjoy the following things:

Love Live (the game more than the anime)


South park (i know a lot of people hate this show so i never post about it)

Japanese street fashion

the discourse

i have kins but i dont really tell people what they are because theyre mostly personal, i do have a main one though, which is Max from LiS, feel free to tag me as her

i don't care if you share my kins

if youre one of those people who think kins cant be shared or have stuff like "Dont follow me if you think your me" in your bio/about me dont fucking follow me because it irritates me a great deal

if you ever want to get involved in drama or want me to get someone to leave you alone hmu im always ready

i have a tumblr called "2percentmax" and a kik called "esmerengue"

if you know my birthname please never mention it it makes me so uncomfortable

if youve read all this and still wanna follow me just dm me and said youve read it and ill either decline or accept