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Hi!! im max/miranda

i'm almost 15, i hate the colour yellow and i love cats. b&w photos from the 50's + 50's fashion, space, books, tv shows, movies and comics (web comics and otherwise) are some of my favourite things!!


please follow my art acc @maxllon!!! This is my PRIVATE account! i spam, take gross selfies and expect you to interact. the art here is unfinished and gross.


» you will not interact with my posts

» you dont actually like me/want to follow me

» you're transphobic, homophobic, anti-otherkin, racist, etc

» you dont believe in mental illnesses (jus t le a ve)

» you're over 20 or under 11

» you've only met me irl and you barely know me (unless i say you can follow here or req first. basically irl people please dont request).

» you're a self proclaimed "brony" or "otaku". doesnt apply to irl people.i have nothing against these people but we probably wont get along ?? i might still accept.

DM with "mothers give birth to squealing blood demons" and your favourite colour to be accepted!!