Max Gouchan

Freeletics, in Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway

Working 24/7 on making dreams come true. Serial entrepreneur. Kairos fellow.Public speaker and startup addict. As seen on TEDx. Have extremely bad humor.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. My strongest sides are business development, marketing and startups. Been an entrepreneur full time for the last three years. During those years I have been involved into 7 startups. Sold one company. Failed in a lot, learned a lot and succeeded in some things. Co-founder of an design company in Stavanger and the first co-working space in Stavanger.

Also have some board positions in some startups and I have been co-founder of some several companies in Norway. Basicaly, all the salary I get, I invest into startups or startups books hehe.

Big fan of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs!

I travel a lot giving keynotes about entrepreneurship and share my advices learned from my failures and successes!

  • Work
    • Ibsen Coffee House