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Hey, I'm Max! Well, actually I'm Maximiliana Cady Grace, and you can call me a number of things- Maxi, Millie, Lia, Anna, Cady, or Grace. Whatever you choose, but this isn't about me is it? Wait, it kind of is, so then lets move on, shall we?

To put me into a sentence, you'd have to say "Max is a skater girl who doesn't skate." So yeah, if any of you peeps (and by that, I'm not calling you sugar-coated marshmallows) want to talk about this (awesome!) blog, then you can just say that I'm Max. The skater girl who doesn't skate. I think it's a pretty good description of me, don't you?

Moving on. I love a number of things. Writing, blogging, DIY, those random, philosophical sayings you yourself come up with at the worst times despite the fact you didn't (or aren't going to) major in Philosophy. Hmmm, what else? Reading, unbrellas, Central Park, denim & leather jackets, Wattpad, music, Fanfiction, Pen Pals, self-expression, rollercoasters, converse & vans, high school (I hope so at least), macaroni, fandoms, if I survive the zombie apocalypse, chocolate, rain boots, city buses, chinese food, traveling, jeans, new york, duffle bags, maps, beanies, tea, any word having to do with coffee, the list goes on.

So yeah, this about me just random things I like and I am. All of which, are weird. Seems fitting, doesn't it?


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