Max Hjalmarsson


What would you do if the risk of failure were zero? If you dream high enough, if you have the passion and the emotion, only then can you reach beyond your imagination. I want to build my dream and I will do my very best to succeed. Together we can go further and together we will make the world fly!

I am a social and empowering entrepreneur with a MSc in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology. I have experience from management consultancy and I always keep an analytical perspective to all my undertakings. So far I have successfully founded and administrated three ventures.

I have a passion of everything that fly and I am specialized in drone technology.

Key competences: Drones and drone applications, Business Development, Customer Discovery, Market Segmentation, B2C Marketing, Pricing strategy and Product Development.

Minor subject: IP & contract Law, Head of Board, Film making

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    • MSc Management and Economics of Innovation