Maxie Tran

Designer, Dancer, and Musician in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

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A creative and passionate illustrator, animator and motion graphic designer experienced working in both 2D design and 3D techniques seeking to join a dynamic production environment where experience, education and hard work will contribute to the success of an established organisation. An outgoing, positive, trustworthy, highly respected, extremely self-motivated and self-disciplined and ambitious individual who is always eager to be challenged professionally at all levels.

Highly appreciate how computer and digital technology could contribute to the industry and also realize the value of management for any businesses, whether it is small or large. Recognize that to solve any recent issues at working space, it is essential at first to gain the proper technical and verbal skills as well as have the abilities to use those tools to get the most out of the better outcomes, follow by creative and critical skills and so forth.

Focus on pursuing the works related to the field of creative, visual, design and communication which can bring immediate and strategic value and develop current skill-set further to wherever going to. Additionally, strongly interested in the Marketing and Sales sector.

  • Education
    • Kingston University