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The program comes to many people no longer think of everyday life : Whatsapp , the service that lets you send free messages to each other . The word 'what juices ' is now even included in the dictionary.

The publisher announced this afternoon at the website that "what juices ' as a verb is incorporated into the Great or Webster dictionary . The official spelling is so 'what juices . Hence its variants as whatsapp'en ' or ' What Juices ' soon so officially incorrect. The conjugation is as follows : what juices, whatsappte , gewhatsappt .

The official spelling of what juices is from mid October found in the electronic update of version 14.8 of the Great or Webster dictionary .

'New' words are usually included in the dictionary if they are used regularly for about three years . Words like ' instant messaging ', ' Google' and ' tweet ' were previously included in the dictionary.
' Brand Whatsapp can falter from inclusion in dictionary '

Inclusion of the word 'what juices ' in the dictionary can affect the brand Whatsapp , SOLV Lawyers writes tonight on his blog. The word 'what juices ' can be given a more general meaning , and that can be threatening to Whatsapp , write the lawyers :

Dilution of the brand means for the proprietor not only loss of goodwill but also less able to act against infringers. As a verb , it will mark whatsapp (s) are frequently used in a descriptive sense , which is the risk that the distinctiveness decreases. This means that the link between the brand and the related product loss .