Maxim Gorin

Entrepreneur Maxim Gorin serves as chief executive officer and founder of MGME Consulting, which provides advisory services to companies in the emergency transport industry. As co-founder and head of business development at LifeLine Ambulance, Maxim Gorin is particularly qualified to help ambulance company owners establish and expand their businesses. Mr. Gorin launched MGME Consulting in 2004.

In his role as the CEO and proprietor of MGME Consulting, Maxim Gorin helps ambulance company owners grow their companies by advising them on contract negotiation, marketing strategy, and billing-system implementation. Additionally, Mr. Gorin offers consultancy services to start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to enter the emergency transport industry. He helps them obtain and finance ambulatory and support vehicles; secure licensure from the California Highway Patrol, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and other city and county regulatory bodies; and set up billing systems.

For one of his clients, a San Diego, California-based ambulatory services company, he eliminated inefficiencies in its call intake system, developed a patient care form, and established an in-house billing department. With Mr. Gorin's assistance, the company not only increased monthly revenues from $250,000 to $400,000, but it also expanded its fleet from six ambulances to 12.

Maxim Gorin developed MGME while leading LifeLine Ambulance through its first few years of growth. A former financial services advisor and licensed emergency medical technician, he possesses the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure that both companies operate with financial efficiency while keeping patient care at the forefront.