Maximilian Martin

Writer, Photographer, and Consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Yes, I am a horndog for sure, but not a pervert or into anything disgusting. I love sex, and I love women and I love to express myself affectionately and sexually. Been working since I was 11 with my first job as a Paperboy for the Winnipeg Free Press. Work several jobs in my life that included some Army Reserve service in the QUEENS OWN CAMERON HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA, security and mainly through my life Sales & Consulting. Always been a writer, wrote many short stories a a boy but never pursued writing until now. I had the concept of Max Adult Entertainment 5 years ago, and need to go through my mental and spiritual changes before pursuing this vision I have. I am big on humanism and therefore I am a hardliner Libertarian as I believe all people have equal rights. Besides my sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle, I am very fond of children and especially children in need of care, My ambitions are not just Adult Entertainment and Building a large Corporation, my dream is to be self reliant on funding children in need around the world mainly targeting Latin American countries. Imagine that porn as a service to humanity..hahaha

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