Maximiliano A Frank

Father, Consultant, and Project Manager in Argentina

Maximiliano A Frank

Father, Consultant, and Project Manager in Argentina

Hi! If you have arrived here you already know my name.
I Live, Love and Learn near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For a living, I work in a small IT department handling almoust a dozen of Windows Server 2008 R2, One Exchange Server 2007, five IP phone centrals ( one Mitel and four Freepbx going from asterisk 1.6 to 11), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Ubiquiti Technology ( Airmax, Unifi, EdgeMax), ZK biometric technology, a huge amount of diverse technology

going from Hyper-V 2012, ESXI 4.0 to ∞ , Office 365 2013 / 2016, TMG 2010 / Mikrotik / Sophos / Fortinet, Cisco / Ubiquiti UAP PRO / Linksys / TPLINK , SQLServer 2005/2008, and many many more.

I’m self-taught and learn fast on the fly. I’m small potatoes compared to others out there but I like where I work since it’s a different challenge every single day. There isn’t a single day that I don’t come in and do something completely different. I know admins that only handle Exchange or Databases, or Linux but that’s all they do. I can go from working on Exchange 2007 one day to Freepbx the next one, or CRM, or what comes to mind, usually everything needs to be checked , fixed or upgraded, one way or the other..

There are days it’s frustrating because I have so many people pulling strings and requesting more and more IT services, but it’s awesome because I have a job that challenges me and changes daily.

I know I'm a workaholic, but I have a few vices other than work. I love good music, good coffee and good friends.

10 years ago, I Started a PC Gaming community that is still working! More than 500.000 players love our work, so I guess things didn't go that bad.

My passion is to help people to work more efficiently, being the bond between a company resources and the technology to achieve successful.

There has been a long way so far, and there is a lot more to walk. So for the moment let's just enjoy the process.

  • Work
    • IT Administrator
  • Education
    • Self Taught
    • Good English