Maximilian Schaefer

I get asked quite a lot how I got into photography, and recently I recieved a request via Facebook from someone who is studying photography at college asking if I could do a little write up on how I got started, I came up with this, not sure if its exactly what she meant but its an honest biography of my careers so far.....

Unlike most people, who want to be photographers, I sometime feel like I didn't have a choice and photography wanted me.I put my name down to do pottery and ceramics for my CGSE, but alas I was the only one, so they didn't run the course. A lot of friends were doing photography so I opted for that instead.Of course it helped that my father had also been a professional photographer, but if anything that made me want to rebel against following in his footsteps.I shot my first paid job, a wedding at just 16, I was working alongside my Dad, and even then I was looking for different angles. But on the way to the reception venue we were following the wedding car, and the exhaust fell off. I urged dad to stop his car and I jumped out and grabbed a great shot of the Driver and Groom trying to fix the car with the Bride looking out the back window.

(Yes, this is me. Yes, its a real tattoo.)