Massimiliano Leone



welcome here!
I'm a Android & J2EE engineer, and a Linux enthusiast (since 1998, yeah).
I'm also interested in complex system and graph theory, distributed systems and cloud/virtualization.

I live in Bologna, an Italy north-center small town (not so small, perhaps...): a very dynamic town, where you can find a nice meltin-pot people coming from entire Italy as well as other countries to study, work, live. Walking around Bologna, you can find a typical local "bolognese" foodshop, between a turkish kebab or chinese take-away and another south-italian foodshop, and then a russian package-store!.

So, when I'm not sitting in front of my computer(s) to write some code (I ♥ Java, but sometimes I also consider bash/perl) or configuring some (linux) server, you could find me under some portico (Bologna is full of porticos), intented to shot some photos, while I'm taste some something from new bakery just opened.
If not there, I could be riding with my mountain bike along beautiful trails inside near hills - those street foods are really a challenge to digest...

Finally, you could try search me in some books or guitars stores: there are always new book to discover, or a new guitar to hug ;D.
Evidently, you see a particular image in background: this is a Mandelbrot fractal, a very interesting mathematical object. Painting the simple formula behind, we get this beautiful picture: yeah, the equation is very simple, and it just add a bit of randomness in behaviour. No photo editing, no digital art, just plotting. Wonderful, isn't? - "Upset the established order, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair" [cit.]

Below, there are buttons to:
* github, hosting my software sources
* facebook/google plus/blog/slideshare, where I post slides/howtos/tips about my projects
* linkedin, if you want propose me a job
* flickr/youtube, hosting some of my photos/videos

For any question or chat, write me ;D !

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    • Internet Activity
  • Education
    • Computer Science at University of Bologna
    • Computer Science Engineer at University of Bologna