Maximilien Roux

Saint Augustine, Fl

Public relations and advertising professional Maximilien Roux currently works at Crillon Importers, where he serves as the company’s director of nonalcoholic beverages. In this role, he takes responsibility for the brand development of all of the company's nonalcoholic products, overseeing promotion and distribution in addition to creating strategies to raise brand awareness. Maximilien Roux also possesses experience in product launches, press event planning and coordination, soliciting new sales accounts, and analyzing sales territories to identify selling, merchandising, and promotional opportunities.

Prior to joining Crillon Importers, Maximilien Roux attended Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, graduating with a bachelor of arts in 2011. He majored in communications, minored in journalism and public relations, and performed related coursework in advertising, marketing, and integrated branding campaigns. In the years before his graduation, Maximilien Roux obtained work experience at several companies, including Absente LLC, Absolute Americana Art Gallery, and Jose Cuervo, serving in roles that gave him a hands-on education in marketing, sales, promotions, and customer service.

  • Work
    • Sales Representatives in Crillon Importers US
  • Education
    • Bachelors in marketing from flagler college