Maxim P. Weithers

Life Coach, Realtor, and Consultant in Cartagena, Colombia

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He is a self proclaimed serial Entrepreneur at heart. From the age of 5 his 1st grade teacher remarked on his report card how, "Maxim loves to help the other kids."

Today his help has escalated into a Promise to Himself to Increase the Value & Quality of Life of 1 Billion People over the next 5 years.

CAREER: Maxim is a former world professional squash player with 4 National titles in North America and 3 Caribbean Championship Gold Medals. Once a top 3 player in the Pan American region.

Certified/Education: certified coach, travel agent and hotel restaurant management and operations specializing in resort management, travel agent.

However, his true passion is being a Global Life Happyness Coach to the millions of people who need this care, attention and service in their lives.

Maxim has also now developed a following with his squash and sports MindCoaching™ programs which focuses on professionals reaching their maximum potential by addressing, developing and increasing their higher faculties and Mental Powers. Then showing them how to execute it in their specialty and other parts of their lives like; enjoying better health, weight release, making more money, better relationships, self growth and spiritual growth.

GIVING BA_K: Maxim enjoys supporting causes which include young children's education, youth entrepreneur, single mothers and the elderly.

LEI-SURE TYME: In his spare time he loves to spend time with friends and family, reading about personal growth, buisness ideas, peace missions and developing the powers of the mind, body and soul, deep sea fishing, swimming, travelling, meeting interesting people, cultures and sharing valuable ideas.

Maxim now helps some of the top professional athletes in the world with their mental training programs like 3 time Pan Am gold medalist and now world #5 Squash Pro Miguel Angel Rodriguez from Colombia. When we started working together in 2010 Miguel was 36 ranked in the world. Within 2 months he jumped to 22 and within months was inside the top 20. Highest ranking was world #4.

  • Work
    • Passion is not work.
  • Education
    • Hospitality Management, Travelled to 43 countries. World of Education.