Fábio Trilho


Hi, my name is Fábio Trilho
(currently unemployed)

I´m a Graphic Designer and a Small Game Developer, apart from my work i like to get involved in projects that can help me increase my skills and meet new people that can make me expand to new horizonts.

In my line of work i do about everything that can come to think about a graphic designers work, i even do the web design for the company i work for.

When it comes to game development i´m still very young in that area and currently i´m making "Go Go Middle Age"

If you have a question, contact me and i will have the pleasure to clear you that for you.

  • Education
    • Escola Primária do Forte da Casa
    • Escola Aristide de Sousa Mendes
    • Escola Profissional de Coruche
    • Escola Básica e Secundária de Salvaterra de Magos