Max S. Lauritzen

Aarhus, Denmark

After 17 years of filmmaking I’m now studying leadership at Kaospilots. The school is all about learning by doing and I'm looking for opportunities where I can practice project management, process facilitation and experience design.

I decided to become a filmmaker in 1998.
I started making movies together with friends. In 2005 I went to Stockholm Film School and one year later I founded the production company "New Generation Film" together with Jonatan Sköld. During the following seven years we indulged in dozens of creative challenges producing high quality low budget film productions for all kind of purposes. Learning by doing led us to larger orders for clients such as Oriflame, Telia and Vasakronan. We were developing scripts and concepts in close collaboration with our clients and then hired freelancers help us produce the videos. When the projects got increasingly bigger with higher complexity I started to lack the leadership skills needed to bring these creative projects to their highest potential.

When reality exceeds the movies.
While I was helping clients tell their story, the financial crisis opened up my eyes for the bigger story that we live in as a human civilisation. I realized that this financial crisis was just the tip of an iceberg indicating something is inherently wrong in the capitalistic system we live in today. I felt the call to engage in how we can act on this indications and be part of creating a future we want to live in. When doing so I realized there is a lot of awareness and willingness to change, but the challanges are extremely complex and intertwined.

I decided to become a kaospilot in 2013.
I joined Kaospilots to become better at leading collaborative creative processes that can create a positive lasting change in an increasingly complex world. Gandhi says you have to start with yourself and the school puts a lot of emphasis on personal development. I’m now in the middle of this 3 year long transformative journey and have already been introduced to very powerful tools, methods and ideas. The most interesting one is Theory U and how to lead from the future that emerges. This is something I’m eager to practice more, together with Appriciative Inquiriry, The Narrative Approach and The Art Of Hosting. If you have any opportunities or if you want to explore these ideas together, please feel free to contact me!

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