Maximilien Levesque

researcher, entrepreneur, and Teacher in Paris, France

Maximilien Levesque

researcher, entrepreneur, and Teacher in Paris, France

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I’m researcher and an entrepreneur. I like complicated stuff made easy and especially molecules jiggling around.

I'm doing my research as a CNRS at École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France, where I appreciate passionate discussions where sudden light comes. Not a lot is better than that: learning with good friends and good coffee.

I'm also playing more and more with machine learning techniques and their coupling to my rigorous statistical mechanics for the liquid state. I'm even convinced this coupling could disrupt in silico drug discovery !

Have a look at my research papers, arXiv preprints, Researchgate, linkedin, ORCID.

Have you ever looked at a liquid at the molecular scale? It's such a mess! I'm developing efficient theories and tools to studying these rebellious systems. In my toy box, you will find statistical mechanics, maths, liquid state theories and computers, not to say pen and paper.

I'm also a biker. I own a Ducati Panigale 1199. Red. Of course. (It's faster in red).

I'm also an entrepreneur: I founded PersonalHPC, a company that sells high performance computers made for scientists, not for IT guys. PHPC's moto is "Put the cluster at your feet". If you're looking for high performance computers of 32 to 128 cores, configured with your account, workflows and for your codes (LAMMPS for instance), drop an email at [email protected] What company can answer an email saying "I'm looking for the best value for money for running ab initio MD or inverting matrices or ...). People there know science, they were postdocs doing theoretical chemistry and fluid dynamics.

  • Work
    • Researcher
  • Education
    • Phd, Physics, University Paris-Saclay
    • École Normale Supérieure
    • Cambridge University
    • Oxford University
    • Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique, Saclay