Max Look

South Korea

Maxlook is a leading contact lens manufacturer in Korea. They develop and supply high quality cosmetic and astigmatistic contact lens across the world. Maxlook produces innovative contact lenses which are of high quality and durability.

As a contact lens manufacturer, Max Look needed to establish a R&D center to cope with the demands for contact lenses that are getting more sophisticated and increasing import of contact lenses.

Our R&D center works on the following; Collection and analysis of advanced technology information, development of high tech lens materials, diversification of product lines such as functional/ cosmetic lenses, development of manufacturing technology, securing technological advantages over our competitors at home and abroad, and attainment of technological/ quality/ price competitiveness
through cost savings obtained by advanced production technology.

Contact Details :
105 Hyueopseok-ri, Namcheon-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do,Korea
Zip Code : 712-881.
Contact Person / position : SUNGWOOK HA/Team Manager
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