Max Peef

Skills and attitudes in making photographic reportage and investigation with the job of head of production processes, acquired on the job, and through continuous technology upgrades.
Large knowledges on post productions digital photography.
Large Knowledges on analogical photography sistems, film processing, printing, editorial working.

Beeing working in Kosovo, Rwanda, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Nigeria, Benin, Libanon, Israel, U.S.A., England, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Basic experience in areas of social problems, environmental degradation and social conditions and human psicological stress. Ability to relate to different companies in different geographic latitudes. High capacity of human management. Organisation skills and competences with high level organization and journalistic knowledge, abroad and in Italy, related to communication and media management with high level of expertise Anglophone and Francophone areas. High organization skills for human responsibility.