Max Prince.G

About me:

I am an ordinary man with extra ordinary goals. I'm a father of a boy and a husband of a wonderful girl.

Every since I was a kid, I have always been drawn towards agriculture and farming. Perhaps, it was those memorable vacations I spent in my grandfather's place. I finished my MBA and got on the corporate train to pursue my dream. Very quickly I realized, I was living someone else's dream.

I started my own business - with enough failures, I have been able to stabilize that and running it smoothly. There always has been this craving to give back and do something for the country.

As of Sep 2011, I have decided to get into politics to do my part for the community. I have always dreaded the fabric of politics - not what it's intended to do, but what it ends up doing. I hope I can change things.

Like I said, I am orfinary man with some extraordinary goals...